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I work as a Graphic Product Designer for a small company in Chicago. We design gift and novelty items. My job can vary day to day from concept drawings, photography, new product development, illustration, photo manipulation, to packaging design. I love what I do and couldn’t be happier that I can make a living doing it.

Most of my art at work is geared towards kids. While I don’t mind the cutie-pie bubble gum art, it does get old. I made this site as a chance for me to branch out on more styles of design. I’m not looking at starting up some mega profit making site here so I can quit my job and work from home. I’d be so lazy, eating bon bons and watching soaps all day it’s not even funny! I just want a chance to work one on one with a client and design some great artwork.

Check out some of the links on the right. My mom and sister are crocheter/seamstress and have ETSY sites where they sell some of their awesome stuff. ------------>

Please keep checking back for updates. I’ll be added more sample art.

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As if I didn't have enough on my plate already. I wanted to do something fun for the new year. Please check out my blog for updates on my New Years Challenge. A 365 challenge. Everyday I will create one piece of art. It can be painted, drawn, or mix media. It must be done by hand. So photography or computer illustrations will not count. I have to have the "art" online by midnight via my blog. The art most likely will be small so I'll have time to finish them each night. I may or may not take request. Depending on my mood. What else? I think that's it. Starting January 1st 2012 - Ending December 31st 2012. Feel free to use this logo for your own 365 art challenge! Game on. (fyi, I was already informed that this year is a leap year, thanks.)

Featured Design

With all this gun inspired art, people are going to start to wonder about me. A fellow graphic designer shared an amazing design with me, were a gun was constructed out of graphic designer tools. Triangle ruler, industrial stapler, crayons, and design compass. I was inspired.

I wanted to recreated this design but simplify it. Break it down as far as I could without loosing the effect it had of looking like a gun. And I also wanted to use more common items. A pen, highlighter, coffee cup. I was able to complete this design with in a few hours. I love it when things come together so smoothly. Simple, clean, and to the point. I call it 'Writers Glock'.

Can't get enough of the Writer's Glock? Well here's your chance to own this amazing design!

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My new fav shirt! If you don't know who Robert Crais is, I suggest you run over to your local book store. Like right now, it's ok, I'll wait...

Ok, you back? Now that you know how bomb diggity these books are, you can understand why I love this shirt so much. I'm always trying out new graphic styles and techniques. For this design I was messing around with typography. It was a bit more tricky then I thought. I knew what I wanted it to look like, but it wasn't happening. I took a badly needed break before taking another shot at it, no pun intended, and voila! I was able to get the titles and dates of every book. AND even Robert, Joe, Elvis, and the cat made it onto this design. I took the art over to a neat little shirt shop near my house. I had it printed up within an hour.

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